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You can easily find inspiration by looking through this year’s events. Also, you can search for your special interests in specific areas.

Additionally keep an eye on Culture Night on Facebook and Instagram, where we regularly share information, inspiration and images with our official hashtags #kulturfoto18 - #kulturnattenKbh and #culturenightcph

Join the Instagram competition

We want to see your photos from your Culture Night! Follow Culture Night on Instagram and share your best photos with us by using the #kulturfoto18 hashtag. Please remember to also write exactly where your photo was taken.

You can also participate in the Culture Night photo competition, where this year's best picture is rewarded with free tickets to cultural events in Copenhagen and, of course, two free passes for Culture Night 2019.

Anyone with an Instagram account and a camera or smartphone can participate, and the winner will be contacted in the comment box below the image.

The contest begins on October 12, at 18.00 and closes on October 24, at 9.00 AM. The winner’s name will be announced on October 24.

Rules for participation

1) The photos must have been taken on the Culture Night in Copenhagen or Frederiksberg on October 12, 2018. We would really like to see photos of happy guests and beautiful events or photos from Culture Night in Copenhagen. It is not a requirement, but an advantage if one can see that the photo was taken on Culture Night. Make sure, that you only post one picture at a time, so we don’t miss any of your pictures.

2) Your Instagram profile must be open, so that we can see your photos, and you can participate in the competition. You can change this under "edit profile" on Instagram by turning off the “Private Account” option.

3) Finally, we crown one winner among the best photos. The winner will be announced on October 24, 2018. The winner will be contacted directly via the shared Instagram picture up to three times over 14 days and if there is no answer within 24 hours after the third contact attempt, we will choose a new winner. Culture Night reserves the right to publish all participating photos on Culture Night’s Facebook page and Instagram profile, as well as on

4) Note that people may not be shown in the photos unless they have approved the use of the image.

(Staff of Culture Night can contribute photos, but not participate in the competition).

Competition terms and conditions

1) When you upload your photo and use the hashtag # kulturfoto18, you agree to participate in the contest and to accept the terms and conditions.

2) With participation in the Culture Night competition you also accept that your photo can be displayed and reproduced (reposted) on all Culture Night online media: Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

3) To enter the competition you must have taken the photo and you must be at least 16.

4) The winner will be notified directly in the comment box on their Instagram profile and the winner will be announced by Culture Night’s Secretariat and photographer Maria Sattrup from Sattrup & Høst.

The images are reviewed by Culture Night to ensure that no inappropriate photos are published on the competition hashtag. In the event that there are illegal, offensive or inappropriate photos on the hashtag, these will immediately be removed.

One prize will be distributed to the winner of the competition. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash.

Privacy policy
Culture Night collects personal information in the form of photos displayed, and in some cases depicting individuals that are recognizable. It is a prerequisite for participating in the contest that when uploading a photo, everyone in the photo has given their individual consent.

Culture Night retains the winner’s personal information until the following year when the last part of the prize must be given.

Culture Night is responsible for ensuring that all personal information is handled responsibly and that all personal information is handled confidentially and in accordance with Danish law. The winner must accept their prize and pass the information necessary for Culture Night (name, address and telephone number) within two weeks after they have been contacted on Instagram.