604. TV 2 Lorry and The Riddersalen Theatre


Experience historic set pieces and the latest in television technology within the same house
Come visit our historical premises in scheduled buildings that house the theatre Riddersalen and the TV station TV 2 Lorry. Employees guide the visitors round the two houses. Please note that only part of TV 2 Lorry is accessible before eight o' clock. Combine your visit with Revymuseet situated right next door.

Time: 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM

TV 2 Lorry
Allégade 7-9
2000 Frederiksberg

Categories and District
Guided tour

Additional information

Dele af TV 2 Lorry åbner først kl. 20.00.
Bygningen er desværre ikke egnet for gangbesværede og kørestolsbrugere.