423. The Chain Society and Copenhagen Meals-For-The-Needy Charity


The old house in Klerkegade reveals some of its secrets to the public for the very first time
You will gain insight into our history since 1774, and a.o. admire the famous Danish artist, Nicolai Abildgaard's symbolic paintings. You will hear, how the mindset from Copenhagen's Golden Age, is still relevant to this day for our members that include both men and women and will gain insight into our lodge's social work both then and now. You will have the opportunity of buying a bowl of soup and thereby support our social work in Copenhagen.

Time: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Selskabet Kjæden
Klerkegade 10A
1308 København

Categories and District
Buy a meal
Children 6-12 years
Guided tour