616. KU.BE


Guided tours in KU.BE
Join a guided tour and experience the architectural expression of KU.BE – a modern and experimental house og culture and movement. It includes slides, a cubic labyrinth, a climbing maze and net that takes you from floor to floor creating a very lively environment. Kids of all ages and playful souls love to explore KU.BE and the facilities will be open extraordinary until 10:00 PM. From 6:00 PM you can join the other guests for a delicious meal in the café

Time: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Dirch Passers Alle 4
2000 Frederiksberg

Categories and District
Buy a meal
Children 2-5 years
Children 6-12 years
Guided tour
Try something new
Wheelchair and pram access

Associated events

18:30 - 19:20
19:30 - 20:20

19:00 - 19:45
20:00 - 20:45
21:00 - 21:45


Additional information

Der er fællesspisning fra kl.18 og KU.BEs legeinstallationer holder ekstraordinært åbent til kl. 22.

Alle er velkomne og kræver ingen reservation.