516. Kulturtårnet


A Night Of Lights And Storytelling
The Culture Tower brings the harbor to life for one night!
Knippelsbro is celebrating its 80-year old birthday and we have given the bridge a voice to tell us what it has gone through throughout the years.
Join us on a guided podwalk with fun and crazy anecdotes from the harbor and experience the beautiful newly renovated Culture Tower with the amazing panorama view.
The light artist Ulysses lights up the tower and sets the frame for an enchanting evening.
It is going to be a very special night!

Time: 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Knippelsbrogade 2
1400 København K

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Christianshavn / Holmen

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Hver time vil der begynde en podwalk fra tårnet. Her vil der blive uddelt høretelefoner, men husk din smartphone.