About the program

Find the program here

When you purchase your Culture Pass you receive a free printed guide (in Danish) of this year's organizers, but it is on the website that you will find information about the individual events. The printed guide is NOT a program, but an overview of the organizers.
Download the printed guide (pdf-version) in Danish.

In the Culture Night program on the website you can search among all our organizers in several categories and all city areas here from September 16.

The Culture Pass is your ticket

During Culture Night you can discover exciting events and see the city in a brand new way. Cultural institutions and places that are generally closed to the public, open up their doors and invite curious guests inside.
ALL events in the Culture Night program takes place on October 11, 2019 from 18.00 and require Culture Pass for access.

Read more about Culture Pass, prices and sales outlets here.


Check if any of the events you would like to experience, that require an online registration. It is a shame to turn up, if there is no space. Click on the red box with the text “require registration”, to go to the registration page. All registrations are for free and begin on October 2, 2019 at 12.00.

Plan your night with My Culture Night

You can plan your own route by creating a profile and selecting the organizers you are interested in under My Culture Night. Click on "+ My Culture Night" when you have logged in.


Here you can keep an eye on the events that have been amended.
Culture Night doesn’t take responsibility for changes to the program.