Free transport

Remember that you can travel free by bus, train, S-trains and Metro in the capital region zone 1-99 from 17.00 until 05.00. Your Culture Pass is your ticket. Two children up to age 11 can ride free with an adult who has a Culture Pass.

See map of free transport areas with your Culture Pass

Canal round trip by night

Once again this year the Culture Pass gives the option to experience Culture Night boating. The boats sail on a fixed route from 18.00.

Three covered boats sail from 18.00 to 20.00 and five boats from 20.00 to 24.00.

Stop at Gammel Strand, Dansk Arkitektur Center, Havnegade/Nyhavn, Papirøen, Operaen, Elefanten, Christianshavns Torv and Diamanten.

Museum Buses

Movia and Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum (Sporvejsmuseet Skjoldenæsholm) will again this year have museum buses running throughout Culture Night.
The shuttle leaves every 6 minutes and the route is:

Rådhuspladsen on Vester Voldgade (across from Politikens Hus)


Vesterport St.

Københavns Hovedbanegård



Christiansborg Slot

Holmens Kirke

Kongens Nytorv



Østerport St.

Øster Voldgade

Nørreport St.

Nørre Voldgade

Vester Voldgade

These buses run on Culture Night

ÅS 165 – Volvobus from 1961 from Århus Sporveje
KS 772 – Leylandbus from 1963 from Københavns Sporveje
KS 322 – Leylandbus from 1968 from Københavns Sporveje
KS 571 – Volvobus from 1972 from Københavns Sporveje
HR 68 – Leylandbus from 1973 from Herlev Ruterne
HT 1501 – Leylandbus from 1982 from HT
HT 1856 – Volvobus from 1988 from HT
PB 8431, Volvobus fra 1994 fra Partnerbus i Skibby
ÅS 272 – Volvobus from 1990 from Århus Sporveje

All buses are equipped with a conductor who can answer questions and distribute brochures and information from the Tram Museum.

Extra Buses

On Culture Night the following extra buses will run:
Linje 1A from Østerport to Hvidovre Hospital (then Avedøre st.) from 23.00 – 01.00
Linje 3A every 10 minutes until 01.00
Linje 2A every 10 minutes until 01.00
Linje 6A from Rådhuspladsen to Zoo and return from 18.00 – 01.00
Linje 6A from Rådhuspladsen and Budding st. (then Emdrup) from 23.00  - 01.00

Extra harbour buses as follows

993 sails between Nyhavn and Royal Opera House until 00.30
991 and 992 sails until 23.00