Terms & Conditions

for participating in Culture Night October 11, 2019

We expect that organizers agree to and respect the following terms and conditions.

Culture Night Quality
Culture Night guests expect to experience something special during Culture Night, and therefore they must also leave events with the sense of having experienced something extraordinary. This means that all events during Culture Night must be unique and exude care and quality. We call this Culture Night Quality.

The following criteria must ALL be met as an organizer*
1.    It is a requirement that guests must show their Culture Pass to access all events that are shown in the printed guide and on the website. Organizers must therefore ensure that staff check that guests have a Culture Pass, and ensure that they are denied access if they do not. We are aware that for some events on public roads and squares, it is not possible to check whether the guests have a Culture Pass.

2.    In all marketing materials produced by the organizers it must clearly state that the Culture Night is ONLY accessible for guests with a Culture Pass (this also applies to social media such
as Facebook). It must not be stated anywhere that something is free. It is misleading as all events on Culture Night have free access with Culture Pass. Using the word "free" can give the guests the expectation that they do not need a Culture Pass to participate.

3.    The event has to be free for guests with a Culture Pass.

4.    The event is to take place in the Copenhagen and Frederiksberg area.

* If an organizer does not follow the criterias outlined by Culture Night, the organizer can be excluded from next years Culture Night.

Become an organizer
If you wish to participate as an organizer you can make an organizer request on the website. If you participated as an organizer in 2018, you only have to go to your profile and click “Ja tak - tilmeld os Kulturnatten 2019” (Danish) and you can begin entering events.

Culture Night works with two organizer categories. Below you can see which group you belong to. If you are accepted as an organizer, and there is doubt as to which group you belong to, Culture Night’s Secretariat makes the final decision.

Group  A

• Museums and other permanent exhibition buildings.

• Libraries and state, municipal and local archives.

• Non-commercial institutions with regular opening hours, which have a publicly available collection or particularly unique attractions.

• Zoo

• Churches and government-recognized faith-based institutions

Group B

• Cultural sites, non-commercial (community centres, educational institutions, etc.).

• Other non-commercial institutions (town halls, parliament and ministries).

• Associations, other public administrations and organizations (provided that they are housed in buildings of special architectural or historic interest and the event is based around this fact).

• Some commercial operators (eg. book stores, galleries and craftsmen with workshops).

Organizer fee for Group B
All organizers in Group B will pay the organizer fee of DKK 2000 before August 30.
An invoice is sent automatically. If you need an EAN-invoice, please send an email to info@kulturnatten.dk.

Read about the program and see instructions for entering events
Read the “instructions for entering events” descriptions. It is important that you read the instructions carefully.

The printed guide
The printed guide is an overview of the many organizers. There will not be printed time-specific events, but only a short description of the main events from each organizer. This description (the profile event) will briefly give an impression of the overall experience guests can expect. We refer the guests to the website to read more about this year’s time-specific events.

Culture Night reserves the right to edit the event descriptions.

All organizers MUST open at 18.00, not earlier or later
We would like you to keep your event open until midnight, but if not, close no earlier than 22.00.

It is possible to apply for subsidies for events
Culture Night awards up to DKK 3 M in subsidies annually. Means, which are earmarked to improve the quality of the events held at Culture Night. Applications should be made via the subsidy application form. Download the form here (Danish).

Applications must arrive no later than June 14 at 15.00. Send the application to info@kulturnatten.dk as a pdf. Only applications from authorized organizers will be considered.

To take part in Culture Night 2019 you have to register before August 12
All organizers must activate their profile or send a organizer request before August 12 to take part in Culture Night 2019.

Deadline for main event descriptions is August 19
All organizers who have entered before the deadline on August 19, 2019 will be included in the printed guide. All main events must also have an English headline and description so that they appear correctly on the website.

After August 19 it will not be possible to make changes to the main event description. It will be possible to add “additional events” under the main event in the online program after August 30. The deadline for editing and adding events online is September 16.

Everyone can enter events until September 16, when we close for editing and additions to events.

Events that require guest pre-registration
Organizers may not require guest pre-registration without prior agreement with Culture Night, and registration must as far as possible be avoided completely unless the event has limited space. Registration is only possible online via Billetto or the organizer’s own online registration system. Registration has to begin on October 2 at 12.00.

Collection of posters and Culture Pass is mandatory
We produce streamers reading "Kun for gæster med Kulturpas”, (meaning “access only with Culture Pass), and organizers must clearly show this streamer along with this year's Culture Night poster.
All organizers who do not sell Culture Pass must personally collect posters, streamers and two copies of this year's Culture Pass and printed guide at the Culture Night office.

All organizers must in the period from September 23 – October 11 between the hours 10.00 – 15.00 collect poster, streamer and any other material at the Culture Night office: Sankt Peders Stræde 28c, 1st, 1453 Copenhagen K. We are open until 17.00 every Thursday.

Culture Night will supply material to sales outlets from September 16, to September 27.

The Culture Pass costs DKK 95 and guests who buy the Culture Pass have the opportunity to receive the printed guide at no additional charge. The printed guide is not sold seperately.

Sales begin on September 30, where the list of Culture Night outlets can be found on the website.

Each organizer is responsible for their own events listed in the program. It is also the organizer’s responsibility to abide by regulatory requirements and that the necessary permits are obtained.

Download "Terms and conditions 2019"