Important dates

concerning Culture Night 2019

Culture Night is a huge event involving many people and therefore there are several deadlines that need to be respected so that we can inform guests in time.

Below you can see dates that are important to remember. Dates where you as organizers need to take action.

May 13

Database opens for registration and entering of events.

June 14

Deadline for subsidy applications for events.

August 12

Deadline for registration and applications from new organizers at 15.00.

August 19

Deadline for the creation and entry of profile event descriptions at 15.00. To take part in Culture Night 2019, all organizers must have a profile event in the printed guide. The printed text cannot be edited after this date. Organizers, who didn’t enter a profile event before August 19, cannot take part of Culture Night until next year.

August 30

Database opens for additions and creations of “additional events”.

September 16

We launch the program on on September 16.

September 16 

Deadline for entering of events to the online program at 15.00. ALL events and changes to the program must be made before this date.

September 23-

All organizers must in the period from September 23 – October 11 between the hours 10.00 – 15.00 collect poster, streamer and any other material at the Culture Night office: Sankt Peders Stræde 28c, 1st, 1453 Copenhagen K. We are open until 17.00 every Thursday. This does not apply to sales outlets.

October 11

Culture Night takes place between 18.00 – 24.00.

October 14 Deadline for reporting of sales and guest counts on your “profile” or by email
at 12.00.

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