Important dates

Culture Night is a huge event involving many people and therefore there are several deadlinesthat need to be respected so that we can inform our guests in time. Below you can see dates that are important to remember. Dates where you as organizer need to act. Information about organizer material will follow in a newsletter.

May 17

The database opens for registration and entering of events.

June 14

Deadline for subsidy applications for events at 15.00.

August 16

Deadline for registration and applications from organizers.

August 19

Deadline for entering profile event at 15.00
Please note that you end to enter picture, location-name, address, and region before this date, as this information will be included in the printed list of organizers.

September 1

The database will close. All sub events must be entered before this date.

September 1 – September 15

The database is closed and you will no longer be able to edit content in your profile event.

September 15

We launch the program online.
October 2

Sale of Culture Passes begins
October 2 – October 6 All organizers must pickup merchandise. Weekdays between 10 and 15.00, at Gothersgade 11, 3 floor, 1123 Copenhagen K

October 4

Preregistration for events opens at 12.00.

October 13

Culture Night 2023. 

October 16

Deadline for reporting of guest counts on your profile or by emailing at 12.00.
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